MC4 Tongue Scraper

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MC4 Tongue Scraper

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The Tongue Scraper MC-4 is a new product designed with a soft ridged head that gently scrapes the surface of the tongue.

Retail savings on pack sizes of 100 and above.

Product Overview

The Tongue Scraper MC-4

The Tongue Scraper MC-4 is a new product designed with a soft ridged head that gently scrapes the surface of the tongue. The long handle and wide profile allows a good contact with the surface area which provides increased comfort to the patient.

Patient groups who will benefit from the MC-4 are those in intensive care / critical care, stroke and other neurological patients, head and neck oncology patients, elderly mentally ill patients and those dependent on mouth care. The MC-4 is used to help prevent the risk factors associated with Ventilator associated pneumonia and other diseases. To ensure good mouth care is achieved, include MC-4 in all oral health care plans for vulnerable people

Tongue Scraper can be used:

  • To moisten the tongue and soft tissues inside the mouth with water, water based gels and mouth rinses can help clean a coated tongue.
  • To remove bacterial film build up

Instructions for use:

  • Place onto the surface of the patients tongue soft side down
  • Lightly press onto the back of the patients tongue and move towards the front of the tongue, lift and repeat

After use, clean and rinse the Tongue Scraper under running cold water and allow to air dry. Single patient use – discard after 12hrs. For critical and intensive care units follow procedure for rinsing with sterile water or discarding after single operation.

Do not use if the package is open/ handle appear damaged or if the product has been open for 24 hours or more.


  • Seek advice from a senior member of staff if the tongue is severely ulcerated
  • Discard the tongue scraper after each use if the patient has Candida infection (thrush) in the mouth


There are no special storage requirements for the unopened packs

Additional information:

Good oral hygiene is essential for improving and maintaining general health and wellbeing. People who are medically or cognitively compromised may require mouth care several times throughout the day limit the risk factors associated with ventilator associated pneumonia and to systemic diseases.

Proudly designed, manufactured, and distributed in the United Kingdom.

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