MouthEze / MC3

The innovative cone-shaped head and smooth rounded filaments soothe the soft tissues when cleansing the oral mucosa – and by applying a rotating action MouthEze/MC3 can collect debris as it cleans.

MouthEze/MC3 is a medical device for use in delivering safe mouth care. It is suitable for use in hospitals, care and nursing homes, and hospices. Community health and social service teams can also see the benefits, as can dental practices.


Who can use MouthEzeMC?

  • Any healthcare professional including carers supporting older people who may be living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and age related conditions.
  • Those who support patients in hospital and community care settings which include patients with neurological conditions, cancer therapy patients.
  • People with learning disabilities and patients in specialised intensive care units.
  • Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists to orally desensitise a person who has become averse to brushing their teeth.

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Alternatively get in touch easily with the team by calling 01492 701 277 or emailing sales@oralcareinnovations.co.uk